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Old Scholars' Reunions


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These old guys are L to R: Puff Addison, Rod Verster, Mike Esterhuysen, Johnny Leon and Peter Vale. We had dinner together on Saturday night, April 4th, 2015, in Jozi. This year is the 50th Anniversary of our Matric year. Submitted by Peter Vale (Class of 1965)

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Capricorn High Old Scholars class of 1971 Reunion held at Bruma, Johannesburg - courtesy of Neil Segal (1970)



Capricorn High Class of 1991 10 Year Reunion. Event was held at The Restaurant in Pietersburg during August 2001 and attended by approximately 40 old scholars and their partners. (Courtesy of Linda Cross (Nee McIntosh) (1991))




Capricorn High Old Scholars London Reunion--2002

Tracey Brett, Robin Foster, David Hume, Bryony Hulley, Alice Geddes, Brian Eley, Adrian Scott (him and Alice are married) Sandy Grunenberg, Gail None, Clint & Kai Deamer, Jenny Stumbles, Kerry Baragwaneth, Sheona Elliot, Patrick Franks, Nadine Fowlds, Mark Taylor.


Capricorn High "Wrinkleys from the 60's" Reunion-2005

Hi All,

So sorry that it has taken sooooooooo long for me to let you have a group photo...have been rather busy but, I can hear you all saying that that is not an excuse....oh well, I tried!


(Please forgive me and correct me if I am wrong tieing up names to faces!)


Back Row: L- R: Andre Minnie, John Millett, John Stanbury

2nd Row from back L-R: Jock Diezel, Peter Kelly, Chris Jacobs, Fritz van Waardhuizen, Peter Faul, Frank Leonarts, Sam King 3rd Row L - R: Tony Matzopolous, Mitch Baker, Robin White, Beryl Newham, Flo Pittaway, Dot Segal, Billy van den Berg, Rae Bassingthwaite, Alan Parkinson.

Fron: Ian Weldhagen and peeping over the top of the table is yours sincerely Margie Baker.


I do have other photos of individuals and small groups of people so, if any one is interested, please let me know and I'll either e-mail you or send you copies of the photos.


Hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and have all had a blessed Easter.


Hope to make this an annual event, so will try and start planning now for next year....please let me know when it is the best time for you.


Margie Baker (1966)


Class of 1985 20 Year Reunion

held at the Woodmead Country Club, Johannesburg on 19 February 2005.

Compliments of

Shanda Mc Cosh (nee Smith) (1985)


Sydney Australia - 2006


Top L-R:  Monica Youlley (Wolff) (1972,) Anne Leon (1972,) Greg Wilkinson,

Bottom: L-R: Lauren Minne, Pete Minne (1972), Caron-Anne Evans (Wilkinson) (1971), Ann Petersen (Burns) (1972).


We had a fabulous afternoon at the Sydney Botanical Gardens Restaurant, none of us had met any of the others since we matriculated (33 years).

 Your website has been largely responsible for this amazing get together - thank you so much!

Best regards,

Monica Youlley (1972)


Class of 1976 "30th Reunion" held in Pietersburg / Polokwane - May 2006



(Photos courtesy of Beverley Wilson)


Click here to view additional photos/slideshow courtesy of Beverley Wilson.


Class of 1975 Reunion held in Johannesburg on 8th July 2006


The following folk graced us with their presence and want to know where the rest of you were?

See who you can recognise from the attached photos - dont laugh too loudly we all tried to look our best!!

Mark - you have got to keep your eyes OPEN


Jean Cawood, Nadine Jaques, Joni Kruger & Piet, Mark Notelovitz, Pierre Nye, Sue Shaw & Harry, Ian Sinclair, Garth Sweet, Robbie Tyszowiecki & Morna, Tertia Armstrong, Jenine van Duyn, Cedric & Erna van Duyn, Glenda Ward & Julian.

(All photos courtesy of Pierre Nye)


To the Class of '75


We rock we rule

We're hip we're cool

We rise we fall

We've done it all.


Who would have thought way back then

That we'd want to meet again ?

To marvel how the time has past

To test the bonds we swore would last.


We've travelled far , we've travelled wide

Physically and deep inside

We've loved and laughed and heard and seen

Is there a place we have not been ?


Now we're grown, mature and wise

May we still see through children's eyes ;

Find joy and wonder in simple things

Embrace with Love all Life brings.



Moira McDougall

2 July 2006



Old Caps Get Togethers - October / November 2006


Caps Cycling team at the 94.7


(Click here for more photos)


Old Caps dinner November 25


(Click here for more photos)


Photos/slideshow courtesy of Beverley Wilson (1976).




Israel - 2007


Photo taken at my 60th birthday party in Israel showing the Capricorn crew as they are now: 


Standing Left to Right:  Beverley Israelson, Penny Hirschman, Joan Stein, Harold Starkowitz, Dennis Wiener, Geoffrey Dusheiko, Asher Susser and his wife

 Kneeling:  Hillary Stakowitz (Levy) and my wife Charlotte Wiener


Dennis Weiner (1965)


Arlene Williams and Helene Morkel at the Class of 1967 "40th" Reunion


Old Caps Reunion of the Decade held at the Lifestyle Conference Centre, Johannesburg on 1st December 2007



Photos Courtesy of Debbie Wollnik (nee Eustace) (Class of 1979)



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